Core Values


We follow rigorous quality inspection steps and subsequent comprehensive analysis methods to achieve best and warranted performance in real environments. Every member at our company meticulously evaluates their assigned work to deliver highly efficient, reliable and safe product.


We use advanced crystalline PV technologies which provides reliable and cost effective energy solutions. we always focus on “know how” of emerging PV technology and implement them in methodical manner which keeps us ahead in photovoltaic industry than our peers.


Our keen interest in technology innovation begins from sharing the ideas between peers. We always strive to implement new PV technologies based on “Thought Sharing Process” and continuously invest in it to the level of mass production and hence make them affordable to the customers.


We completely devote ourselves to the commitments that we make to our customers. We always address their requirements and fulfill them in timely manner since we strongly believe that customers’ success is our success. We strive to build strong and enduring relationships with our customers over the long run along with their journey of success.


We always serve our customers, dealers, distributors and employees fairly and would like to be served in similar manner. With new talents, we always look for candidates’ potential, character and work ethics with non biased approach.